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Can you become infected if someone who has it used something personal of yours (like a razor) and didnt think they could pass it to you without an outbreak?

  • Ive been celibate for two years now. Previously had been tested and came out negative. I live with my son and a family member who was rumored to have it. I noticed a few months ago my razor looked like it had been moved but I wasnt sure if it was just me or not as my memory isnt too amazing. Id shaved in the nethers prior to an appointment with my gyn as i was getting a pap and some other tests because im trying to get my body right to conceive hopefully sometime in the future as i would like more children when i meet the one. Anyways so I changed the razor head after this time once again noticing that this time it truly wasnt how id left it. About a month or two later i has two solitary bumps on each side of my outer labia and though okay ingrowns no biggy. Had reached out the my dr when i noticed the bump started bleeding. I couldnt come in to see her due to scheduling issues but she said it was most likely just ingrown. A few days later she called to say id been exposed to HSV-1 and that she couldn't tell me when it happened. I then started thinking could it have been this family member? Could it have been then using my razor not realizing or caring what they could possibly pass? Bumps disappeared and reappeared about 2weeks ago this time about 5 and i had low grade fever, back aches, and sore throat and painful nausea. I must have seen 4 doctors and i explained the whole situation to them and they all said the same…this was an outbreak and that it could have been transmitted via the razor. I have cried, ive had some very dark thoughts. I helped another family member through being initially diagnosed and it was horrible. Seein a grown man cry broke my heart and to hear him say i wanted to drive my car off the road and just be gone because who’s gonna want me, was devastating. I have those same thoughts and cry myself to sleep. From all you out there how did you get over this initial time and do you all think the drs are right? Could this have been from the razor?

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Oct 05, 2021
  • Posted on Nov 29, 2021

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    You cannot transmit the virus via inanimate objects as the virus does not survive well outside of the human body. It is recommended, however, that dur... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Nov 23, 2021


    I JUST read a blog online about this happening to somebody else. It CAN happen but its extremely Rare. Its more common if either person shaving cuts them self.. The artilce i read had a daughter use her dads razor and she had herpes, and he used the raxor to shave cuz she forgot to throw it out. A LOT of online sources say no, but one source from a British Doctor said yeah, and explained why.

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