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  • Why, are people not informed that there are various "strains" of HERPES, some WORSE than others. People are left under a false impression that if they have HERPES, and have SEX with someone who also has the same type "strain" as they do ( 1 or 2 ), neither will "upgrade" to something worse.I have read, that it is possible..even..with the same type strain ( 1 or 2 ) you can infect/be infected with a worse dose of that same type strain.Any truth to that?

    Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Aug 01, 2020
  • Posted on Sep 03, 2020

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    If a couple has the same strain of herpes one partner’s outbreaks won’t make the other partner’s outbreaks worse. Sometimes friction from sex contribu... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Sep 16, 2020


    I think there is some confusion between types and strains. there are two types of herpes, HSV1 and HSV2. However, under that umbrella here are multiple strains of HSV1 and multiple strains of HSV2. When you get the results from the doctor they don't say you have this strain of HSV2 they only tell you the type of herpes you have antibodies for.

    Its kind of like the seasonal flu. When you go to the doctor they just say you have the flu. If you're special they might test for Influenza A, Influenza B etc. However there are over 140 different strains for influenza A. They don't tell you what strain you have only that you have influenza. Same with herpes.

    If that scares you, offer to pay for your partner to get tested so you can find out if their strain of herpes is the same as yours or just don't have sex!

  • Posted on Sep 15, 2020


    Thank you for the wonderful belly laugh with the lost penis story...a true story teller...laughing at the absurdities of our first world problems. Thanks again.

  • Posted on Aug 26, 2020


    Yes Its true there are many strains of herpes and some worst than others ... I recently had my penis fall off from such a horrible strain that it took hours to find it. It had fallen off as I was walking down the sidewalk and I had kicked it across the street and into a storm sewer where the rushing water had then carried it thousands of miles to the ocean depth. I had to take scuba diving lessons then to be able to go out into the Ocean for the grueling search. I had been out to sea for many days and many nights when finally one evening I had finally found it 12,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. However to my dismay a Shark had also spotted it the same time as I and decided to snack on it before I got there and swam off. At this point I was about to give up when I had decided to go back into shore and learn to shoot a Harpoon. after a week of training I went back out in search of the Shark who now had my penis in his Stomach.... When I had finally found the shark and was about to Shoot my Arrow into the center of his eyes Is when he pooped out my penis and I was able to Snag it take it back home and have it sewn back on..... The End!

  • Posted on Aug 10, 2020


    Yes i totally agree with your statement. Also, if you have HSV2, you can spread it to yourself in different areas. Some of these end up as semi permanent red blemishes that flare up often. Maybe so slight that no one would notice, but obvious enough that YOU, and possibly others close to you would. You are also not immune to the exact same strain once your body has developed antibodies to that strain, which was the ongoing medical info from only a decade or so ago. I would also add that HSV2 can be recurrent often, sometimes once or twice a month for several days of outbreak at once..repeatedly, over and over for months or years. This disease for some, is not a minor inconvenience at all. I believe it can be one of the worst STDs..mainly because there is no cure/

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