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Richard Dawkins: 'Down's syndrome babies should be aborted before birth'
Gloucester Citizen;   Aug 21, 2014
​Controversial scientist Richard Dawkins has sparked anger once again - this time by claiming foetuses with Down's syndrome should be aborted.
Promoting Legalized Dope Pushers
Lew Rockwell (blog);   Sep 6, 2012
The HPV (human papillomavirus) sham continues to get fresh water and grow roots. In spite of the deaths and the illness caused by Merck's Gardasil and ...more >>
EU advises all girls need cervical cancer vaccines
Chicago Tribune;   Sep 6, 2012
LONDON (Reuters) - All girls in Europe should be immunized against the human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer and current vaccine cove ...more >>
Cervical Cancer TERC Test for Quest (revised) - Analyst Blog
NASDAQ;   Sep 6, 2012
According to Quest Diagnostics, when standard screening tests like Papanicolaou (Pap) and human papillomavirus (HPV) fail to provide clear results abo ...more >>
SEAL book offers different account of bin Laden's death
CBS News;   Aug 29, 2012
(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON - A firsthand account of the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden differs, at least in part, from previous accounts by admin ...more >>
Town doing emergency test on Wednesday
Fort Frances Times, Canada ;   May 18, 2004
... week. But any emergency broadcasts heard on B93-FM between 2-4 pm on Wednesday are only part of the test, he stressed. Residents ...
Students put technology skills to the test
Capital News 9, NY ;   May 18, 2004
... functional catapult. It was a chance to get out of the classroom and put their math, science and technology skills to the test. Student ...


Auto123, Canada ;   May 18, 2004
SUV vulgarity, breadbox styling, tractor-trailer handling, 4-wheel drive off-road capability. Answer: Chrysler Pacifica. Yes, there ...
'Prostitution: jail not the answer'
Trinidad & Tobago Express, Trinidad and Tobago ;   Mar 28, 2004
... Quotation from a St Ann's pimp contained in a report titled "The Situation of Commercial Sex Work in Trinidad and Tobago in the Context of the HIV ...more >>
The Equity Factor in AIDS
Navhind Times, India ;   Mar 28, 2004
THE government recently announced the first phase of the Anti-Retroviral Treatment Project, aiming to give free drugs to about 1-lakh people with HIV ...more >>
Pursue Strategic Alliances in Difficult Times, New York ...
Yahoo News (press release) ;   Mar 28, 2004
NEW YORK, March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative solutions are needed to cope with impediments to the delivery of HIV-related healthcare caused by reduce ...more >>
Experts Say HIV, AIDS Booming in South
Miami Herald, FL ;   Mar 28, 2004
MIAMI - The number of people with HIV or AIDS has risen faster in the South than any other region of the country, and the problem will worsen without ...more >>
Hormonal contraceptive associated with increased risk of HIV ...
Aidsmap, UK ;   Mar 28, 2004
Women using either the oral or injectable forms of the contraceptive DMPA are at a higher risk of HIV infection than those not using these methods, ac ...more >>
Readers offer help to AIDS foundation
Montreal Gazette, Canada ;   Mar 28, 2004
... It was an amazing experience for the kids.". Those kids can be HIV-positive, have full-blown AIDS or be born to parents slowly dying of AIDS. ...
Poor countries to get AIDS drugs
Edmonton Journal, Canada ;   Mar 28, 2004
NEW YORK - Stephen Lewis, the Canadian UN special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, said efforts to give AIDS medications to millions of HIV-infected peop ...more >>
Aurora students need HIV test
Rocky Mountain News, CO ;   Mar 27, 2004
... News. Fifteen Aurora middle school students need to be tested for HIV and hepatitis after being jabbed by two girls with lancets. ...
Studies suggest gay men abusing partners with HIV
Washington Blade, DC ;   Mar 26, 2004
... published by researchers at Georgetown University point to a dangerous new weapon used by some gay male batterers on the domestic abuse battlegrou ...more >>
HIV-positive man arrested for unprotected sex (subscription), WA ;   Mar 26, 2004
... people to contact them if they have had sexual contact with a man who allegedly had unprotected sex with multiple partners while knowing he was HI ...more >>
Resistant HIV strains persist after at least five years on ...
Aidsmap, UK ;   Mar 26, 2004
Drug-resistant strains of HIV can remain archived in the reservoir of latently infected cells for five years or more after a successfully suppressive ...more >>
Workers May Opt Out of Cambodia HIV Study
Kansas City Star (subscription), MO ;   Mar 26, 2004
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - Sex workers in Cambodia might opt out of a Bill Gates-funded study to test an HIV prevention drug if they don't get insuran ...more >>