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Human Trials of New Anti-HIV Gels Announced
Reuters, United States ;   Mar 23, 2004
... We desperately need new methods to prevent HIV transmission in the face of ... Condoms are the best method to prevent HIV infection but not everyo ...more >>
Bathhouses, A Bid to Curb HIV
KABC, CA ;   Mar 23, 2004
... County health officials are considering subjecting bathhouses and sex clubs to tougher enforcement of existing laws in a bid to curb the HIV infec ...more >>
Rising Rate of HIV Infection Renews Bathhouse Debate
Los Angeles Times (subscription), CA ;   Mar 23, 2004
... Amid growing concerns about HIV infection among gay men, public health officials in Los Angeles County are once again facing the politically charg ...more >>
Europe funds project to develop HIV prevention gel
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia ;   Mar 22, 2004
British scientists will lead the biggest international effort to develop a class of drugs which could curb the spread of HIV. The ...
Pacific nations to face new wave of HIV
The Advocate ;   Mar 22, 2004
The head of the UN's AIDS prevention program warned Pacific nations on Monday that they face a new wave of HIV infection, saying that Papua New Guinea ...more >>
More young gay men getting HIV
News 14 Carolina, NC ;   Mar 22, 2004
900,000 Americans are living with HIV. ... North Carolina researchers found 84 new HIV infections among college-age males in North Carolina between 20 ...more >>
UN official not hopeful for HIV vaccine in coming decade
The Advocate ;   Mar 22, 2004
An HIV vaccine is not likely to be developed in the next decade, the head of the UN's AIDS prevention program said Monday, adding that any breakth ...more >>
UK leads HIV microbicide fight UK, UK ;   Mar 22, 2004
Scientists across the UK are set to drive an international push into preventative treatment for HIV, with the award of a ¿7.4 million grant. ...
HIV/AIDS fundraiser kicks off
Capital News 9, NY ;   Mar 21, 2004
Although AIDS Awareness Month may be over, Capital Region residents came out Sunday to raise money for orphan children living with HIV and AIDS in Afr ...more >>